Friday, April 2, 2010

UnDelete a file with Glary Undelete

How often have you heard the question (or asked it yourself), "I just deleted something, is there any way to get it back?" These slap-your-forehead requests are usually asked frantically and in times of panic as users quickly come to the realization that their last 3 days of work may be gone forever.

But be still! Remain calm. We can rebuild him, we have the technology. It's called Glary Undelete.

I found this program over vacation after my girlfriend mistakenly deleted 3 days worth of photos from a Kodak camera (why would you make a 'Delete all photos' option so readily accessible, I will never know). This free program was able to restore all 300 photos and make me a hero.

There are certainly other programs that would accomplish the same task but I found that finding a free one can take a bit of effort. Paid programs go so far as to show you the files that it COULD restore, provided you pay the $20 to activate the product. Teases.

Glary Undelete. Googling so you don't have to.

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