Friday, May 7, 2010

Pepsi Promoting Entrepreneurship

It's great to see entrepreneurship promoted anywhere: schools, businesses, a beverage company's latest philanthropy...

Check out Pepsi's Refresh Project, a philanthropic project whose basic premise hinges on the American Entrepreneurial Spirit(tm). Here's the gist:
  • Every month, Pepsi gives away $1.3 million to 32 philanthropic ideas
  • Anyone can submit an idea
  • Pepsi chooses 1000 ideas each month to be voted on by YOU!
  • YOU can cast up to 10 votes per day in support of any of the 1000 ideas
  • The top ideas at the end of the month are verified as legit by Pepsi, Pepsi sends a check
Brilliant! Some ideas are rather boring "grant money please" applications. But others, others radiate with the entrepreneurial excitement that is so fun and energizing to behold. It's a joy to see that spirit promoted and rekindled in philanthropy and America at large.

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